A Statement on Social & Cultural Awareness

Creating a non-extractive, non-exploitative experience

It is important for us to state that every person in the employ of these retreats are local people, and not members of any tourism organization. All connections with the people worked with and places visited are direct, genuine and authentic, with bonds developed over time through personal experience. No large tourist companies are used, exploitative business practices are never engaged in, and all are paid well over the standard wage for similar services. We are not interested in a simple sightseeing tour (of which there are many in Peru), but rather a living prayer of grounded human connection & cross-cultural respect. The way we move through the world expresses our intent with far greater impact than words.

These retreats are intended to be non-exploitative & non-extractive in any way. We consider it an honor & a gift to be welcomed with openness into this culture; unfortunately, many tourists in these countries do not feel the same, and are oftentimes quite disrespectful & unconsious in their behavior. To be sincere in our attempt in bringing awareness and consciousness to humanity, it is important to walk our talk, to start in the small ways, to remain cognizant of our energetic footprint while traveling in so-called "third-world" countries. The economic imbalance between Western countries & South America is very evident; with this in mind, we do our very best to be generous in spirit & patience while traveling these ancient lands.

We in the West have much to learn about the pace & tempo of our interactions. Respect & thoughtfulness is sadly quite uncommon, on the average. This is a damaging and spiritually corrosive by-product of the conditioning of our cultural environment; no fault, no blame in this. It simply is. All of us live, breathe, exist through the context of our home cultures. It is very refreshing to experience a culture that lives in a very different way from our own. There are countless blessings of Spirit to receive by spending quality time in these sacred places, where the earth and the people are very much alive, and all will no doubt receive many cherished gifts to bring home with us. Knowing this, we also come to learn, to share, and to give of our most respectful presence.

The warmth and tenderness in the eyes of those we pass on the street here in Peru is perhaps the greatest gift of all, and they give this easily and naturally. We encourage all to simply do our best to offer human warmth & loving-kindness in return in every instance when we can remember to do so. This leaves quantum ripples of goodwill & openness behind us, and the benefits to ourselves & our planet are tremendous.

A portion of all funds generated from these retreats are donated to local businesses & organizations employing many families throughout Peru.