Ra Uru Hu

The First Student of Human Design

In 2022, to the casual observer, there would appear to exist in the world several different versions of Human Design. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook etc. are flooded with people who have endlessly tinkered, knowingly or not, with the original teachings of this most elegant agent of Awakening. Through an extended and prolonged game of "telephone", the mass mind has created something through one slight alteration at a time, which would appear to the uninformed mainstream as 'Human Design', yet bears little resemblance to original Human Design System, as taught by Ra Uru Hu.

The new-age, pop spirituality version of HD exists at this point as more of a collective thoughtform of half-truths, rather than anything Ra ever taught; a set of ideas & concepts, or a compilation of different data points, as opposed to a clean and comprehensive system of holistically deconditioning from the confusion of Not-Self domination over our lives, whose tool for control is the uninitiated mind. This takes patience, and requires deep listening, curiosity, and perhaps above all else, humility. There is no other way. These basic foundation stones of this sacred process are clearly lacking in the modern, social-media driven world of online discussions and sharing of information. The deep irony of this is that Human Design is Yin knowledge. The knowledge of the Mother- the form, the body, the mysteries of this physical experience. Ra was a Messenger for the Yin, not the Yang. Ra was an Ambassador for The Mystery. The technologically driven, hyper-drive fast paced world we live in is some sort of abstract abomination of a Yang mental frequency: Externalized, fast, arrogant, and rapid instantaneous sharing of information based on illusions of Light. The Yin is slow. She is patient. She is wise. She waits, and listens, and receives. She is comfortable with the darkness, with the unknown. She IS the darkness. A meditation on this will not fail to reveal much about the nature of our illusions, individually and collectively.

Most newcomers would have no way of knowing this, and it is no one's fault; the terminology is (usually) the same, the name is the same, the BodyGraph has the same appearance- all the superficial aspects are indistinguishable from one another. Yet this is a mirage of the homogenized, conditioned mind. The core message, and more importantly the wisdom in which this information is taught - or not - is what separates the wheat from the weeds, so to speak; the nutrient rich, pure information, from the enticing, yet misleading and ultimately damaging imposter.

The most devastating element of what has been lost in translation of these extremely refined teachings is the nuance, and the subtleties that can only be transmitted from one human being to another, through oral tradition. This is why every esoteric lineage in our ancient past has been passed down in this way, in a line of succession, from Teacher to Student, Elder to Youth, Initiate to Neophyte. This is simply the way we evolved. Knowledge like this was not written down, and it was not given to those who were not ready to receive. We had Elders. We had campfires, initiatory rites of passage, a profound sense of respect for right timing that was woven into the fabric of our communities. This method has maintained our history, mythology, and esoteric traditions for aeons of time. We have never had the opportunity to cut and paste the most intricate of concepts, take them out of context from the overarching teaching, and share them with others who in turn share them with others, endlessly. The ability to send pdf. and YouTube links from one online account to another at the speed of scattered thought is a very new development. This is a simple by-product of the world in which we live. We are in the thick of the Kali Yuga. There is nothing to do about this, but what we can do is do our best to retain the memory of our history, our birthright; to learn from the methods of those who came before us, and to remember the importance of patience, of gathering together, and respect.

Human Design seems to be a very complex system of many different elements and moving parts. It seems to be a typology, or an esoteric buffet. It's frequently marketed as 'The New Astrology', and is usually approached by beginners as such. With all due respect to astrology, and speaking personally as an evolutionary astrologer as well, it most certainly is not astrology. It appears to be many things. Yet at its core, underlying every aspect of it, and in between every word that Ra Uru Hu ever uttered in his time as a teacher, is one simple statement: Our minds are never our authority. They are not here to run our lives, because they are simply not equipped for that. They are a blind tyrant, convincingly leading us astray at every turn. Our minds do not know what they do not know, and arrogantly assumes it is in sole possession of the only method of keeping us safe, while maintaining it's control over Life. It Assumes. It Expects. It Judges, and it Lies. The wrangling and the grappling with this aspect of our existence is the essence of Human Design. The Types, the Authorities, the Strategies, the analysis of Definition & Openness- all of this is really only a way to harness the runaway power of these highly conditioned, culturally trained minds, and to show it that it never knew or never saw any of this, and never could. So Human Design invites us to *slow down*, so it can reveal it's Yin essence of beauty to us. Humble. Listen, and learn from the intelligence of the Form, the vastly superior consciousness of our bodies. Our minds travel at the speed of light, but our bodies...they move much slower. This is perhaps the greatest teaching of Ra Uru Hu & Human Design: WAIT.

The importance of storytelling cannot be overstated. The physical gathering of human beings in one location, to share through the living breath and aura, the most profound teachings of our existence; our cosmology, the revelation of our very persistent illusions, the wisdom of our Elders. This is what our species is losing in this technological society. The intonation, the emphasis on certain words, the pauses, the body language. This is what brings a teaching to life. This is why we give our respect to Ra Uru Hu, and why we stick very close to his teachings as the Messenger and embodiment of this knowledge. We do not idolize him; we do not worship him; we do not consider him a Guru, nor do we treat him as such. But we do respect him because we have listened very intently to him over many years, and give our thanks to him as a teacher. We honor him for his powerful teaching style, his deeply insightful nature and profound sense of humor. We treat him as what he referred to himself as- a musician, a mystic, and a mechanic (and an expert one at that).

The only way for something like Human Design to continue to stay alive, and to remain as potent as ever, is for it to come alive within each one of us who works with it. Humans will always innovate, and push against the boundaries of what is thought to be the very limits of possibility. We see much room for the creative ways people who work with Human Design can continue to expand and innovate, but only if the integrity of the original teachings are maintained and upheld. For any plant to survive and flourish, it must have a very established root system, well fed by healthy soil. The Tree of Knowledge that is Human Design is no different.

"Seeing, this gift that we all have as unique beings - as homogenized beings we don’t see the way we’re supposed to. It doesn’t mean we’re blind, it just means we’re lost. I guess it’s why the term “the lost soul, the lost being” is something that sticks and has stuck for a very long time. The moment you can’t see truly you’re lost.

And the thing you have to understand is we all have this homogenized seeing. We assume this is the view. But we cannot properly take advantage of the views because we simply don’t have the advantage of the cognition underneath because human beings are in transference.

This knowledge isn’t about generics. This knowledge is about the empowerment of the unique expression of a life, that every single life is potentially unique, has the right to differentiate. And part of that differentiation obviously is the way in which the mind, the way in which the whole mental process is going to operate.

We do not have any kind of - you look at the world around you and you think about unique thought. And you understand in the homogenized world there are only homogenized thoughts, literally. Most human beings have different variations on the same kinds of thoughts that have been around for hundreds of years, in some cases thousands of years."

- Ra Uru Hu