Our Team

~ Members of the Q'ero nation, offering traditional Despacho prayer ceremonies & accompanying us to select locations, sharing indigenous teachings of the Q'ero way of life in communion with the natural world

~ Periko, our local guide, friend & translator with deep ancestral roots in Collasuyo (Sacred Valley).

~ 2 Human Design professionals, Satyah & Dylan The Spirit Advisor, sharing nuanced wisdom & in-depth knowledge gained from a combined two decades of lived experience with the Human Design System, working as a team to hold grounded spaciousness for your learning and discovery

~ Damiana, a spiritual leader of the community of Coya, offering our opening & closing despacho ceremonies & Coca readings
~ Willaru Huayta,

known in the Inca language as a “Chasqui” or spiritual messenger, sharing his wisdom with modern Western Society. Willaru lives in service by sharing from his illuminated heart, and teaching and sharing freely the knowledge of the Great Masters.

~ Qi Gong & Breathwork facilitators
~ Personal Driver, Chef preparing local organic meals, & more
We offer you a profound initiation of personal growth, illumination, and exploration. This land of thriving natural surroundings is a crystal clear reflection of humanity's inner power and beauty. We are humbly honored to welcome you to Peru!