The Prophecy of the Eagle

& the Condor


For the South American elders and shamans, we are entering the cycle of the fifth Pachakuti. In this third millennium the great reunion between the people who are of the Eagle and the Condor people will occur. The prophecy relates that at first all human beings were a single group, eventually they divided into two, following very different paths in their development. The people of the Eagle were highly intellectual and science oriented. The Condor people were strongly intuitive and focused their lives on harmonizing with nature. 
In the fifth Pachakuti, this third millennium, the people of the Eagle will have developed their cognitive abilities, reaching scientific and technological knowledge. These achievements will generate immense material wealth for the leaders of their group. But their "Achilles' heel" will be the spiritual emptiness of their lives.
The people of the Condor, people of the heart, of the spirit, of the senses, of the connection with the natural world, will develop their intuitive abilities. You will reach a powerful zenith in the wisdom of your ancestors. You will clearly know the cycles of the Earth and will be able to relate to the spirits of the animal and plant kingdom. However, he will not know how to function satisfactorily in the material world of the eagle, with whom he will feel at a clear disadvantage.
It is clear that Western culture is the people of the Eagle, and the indigenous cultures of the world are the people of the Condor. Neither the eagles nor the condors will be able to survive alone. The alchemy of mutual collaboration is necessary. If the eagle and the condor fly together again, wing to wing, the world will find its balance again. From this meeting a new consciousness will emerge in the human being that will honor the people of the eagle for their admirable achievements in the rational field. And he will honor the people of the Condor for their deep wisdom of the heart. Together they will be able to solve the world's crises and bring to life a sustainable future for all."