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    Human Design

    Immersion Retreat




    The Sacred Valley


    Lake Titicaca, Peru



    August 22 - September 5, 2024





    Andean Sacred Site Pilgrimage







    Embody Your Design


    Live Your Mythology


    Claim Your Freedom



    The Journey Of A Lifetime


    A thrilling two-week guided journey to megalithic temples & Sacred Sites in the beautiful lands of Peru, as we explore the grounded wisdom of The Human Design System through a conscious group adventure experience. From the Sacred Valley to Lake Titicaca, you are invited to join us on this quest for lucid living.


    *Explore your Design in a conscious group context as we take in breathtaking scenery of some of the most majestic mountain views in the world. Personalized guidance & support in exploring your Design


    *Spend intimate time with shamanic wisdom keepers of the Q'ero Nation


    *Connect to the ancient memories of this powerful land as we visit temples full of mystery & near-forgotten history with knowledgable local guides


    *Travel in comfort with your fellow Experimenters, led by experienced travelers, explorers & teachers with insider access to the vital wisdom of their lineage


    Beginning & experienced Human Design Experimenters welcome!


    Be curious, be courageous, & take confident steps towards a life of genuine uniqueness, crystalline beauty & a radical honesty.



    This is a rare opportunity to explore what it means to truly be your Self, with loving supportive reflections all around. Our team is only interested in supportively witnessing the most authentic, unique version of You emerge. Peru is an ideal location for loosening the grip of our rigid western social conditioning. We can't think of a greater gift to give & receive.




    Please see the Blog section of this webpage for more information


  • Week 1


    We encourage all our guests to arrive to Cusco a day early, August 21nd, to adjust to the high altitude of the Andes, and to comfortably arrive to the Retreat on the 22nd, well before the evening ceremony. We will be available at all times to offer any necessary support before & upon your arrival to Peru.


    ~Day 1 (August 22): Arrive to location for a five night stay in private lodging. Orientation, evening Coca Leaf Ceremony & traditional Q'ero Despacho


    ~Day 2: Saqsayhuaman


    ~Day 3: Pisaq Ruins, explore Pisaq town, relaxing evening


    ~Day 4: Kinsa Koccha Lakes - San Pedro/Huachuma will be prepared by our Q'ero friends for this day hike, & is recommended, yet optional (This medicine will be available to gently micro-dose from this day forward, upon request for those who wish to develop a deeper connection with the land)


    ~Day 5: A quiet day for post-Huachuma reflection & integration. Evening Qi Gong, Sound Bath & Cacao ceremony


    ~Day 6: Journey to Aguascalientes, the gateway to Machu Picchu,

    for a 2 night stay (there is a local hot springs here for those who wish)


    ~Day 7: Huayna Picchu & Machu Picchu!

    Week 2


    ~Day 8: Machu Picchu for Sunrise (optional), luxury train ride return to Sacred Valley. Free afternoon & evening


    ~Day 9: Free day in Pisaq to relax. Great opportunity to do some shopping at local markets! Evening Qi Gong & Cacao Ceremony


    ~Day 10: Journey to Puno, passing through mystical Tinajani Canyon, & stay in 4-Star hotel on the shores of Lake Titicaca


    ~Day 11: Floating Islands of Uros, arrive to Island of Amantani to local family home for 1 night. Temples of Pachamama & Pachatata. Vegetarian home cooked, farm-to-table dinner & evening musical celebration with locals


    ~Day 12: Aramu Muru Portal Despacho purification ceremony


    ~Day 13: Return trip to Pisaq


    ~Day 14: Closing ceremony with a indigenous spiritual elder, Damiana


    A complimentary overnight stay at Lares Hot Springs will be offered to any who wish to stay longer. Lares is a quiet high mountain spring lodge alongside a mighty river. An ideal place for integration. Soak in pure Andean hot spring water before the journey home!


    Investment includes:

    *Personal pre-retreat Reading

    *All lodging accommodations

    *All travel arrangements between Aug. 22 - Sept. 5

    *All ceremonies, medicine, entry fees, workshops, personal guidance *All meals prepared by private chef (excludes restaurant dining while traveling)


    ~ Deposit of half of total fee required to reserve a space, with the remainder to be paid in person on the 21st

    ~ Payment plans can be arranged, under certain conditions. This pricing accurately reflects the value of this offering, yet we do not wish to be prohibitive. We understand this an investment in time & resources; we will try to help all sincere applicants find a way to attend this very special event. Please enquire privately



    To Book Your Reservation:

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    There will be various playful workshops and creative presentations offered throughout the retreat, combining structure & spontaneity. Some will be in the evenings at our home, and some in nature, on location at certain sacred sites. Formal workshops will depend entirely on the unique Designs of everyone in attendance; we will tailor our teaching style & topics to fit the specific group of individuals. A 'one-size-fits-all' teaching style is rarely appropriate for Human Design.


    Many opportune teaching & sharing moments will naturally arise, on their own, simply waiting to be noticed. As facilitators, it is our gift & service to illuminate the subtleties of living this knowledge which usually remain hidden just beneath the mind's awareness. We will draw upon these in the moment, and/or at a later time to be used as anchor points for teaching topics. Nature will guide this process.



  • How We Work With Human Design


    - Please, read to see if this experience is right for you -


    A Practical, Experiential, Action-Oriented Approach

    ~ Nuance ~ Humility ~ Context ~ Precision ~ Integration ~

    No Judgments

    No Assumptions

    Compassionate Objectivity


    A true revolution, one person at a time.
    Human Design has arrived at this critical moment in our evolutionary development for a specific purpose ~ the liberation of individuals who are ready for a life of radical self-love & self-respect. A Master Key to an inner doorway out of the homogenized Matrix of illusions ~ not simply by eliminating confusion in the mind, but physically, grounded in the body with crystal clarity ~ it invites all who work with it to begin their unique process of de-conditioning from deeply embedded patterns of behavior, rooted in dense unconsciousness & species-wide ignorance.
    This filter of perception vastly expands one's vision in the clear light of sobriety; a prism of inner light which holds the opportunity for a complete re-evaluation of Who & What we perceive of as ourselves ~ of what it is to Be ~ and thus, the world around us as a more refined reflection of Self.
    To be a truly aware & present person in this world, and the new world that is dawning, we consider The Human Design System (as originally taught in oral tradition by
    Ra Uru Hu) to be an elite, incomparable & essential ally.
    It is neither a philosophy, nor a contemplation; it is not a set of rules to be followed, nor a belief to be defended. It is a Strategy for self-guided, clear Right Action, and in this, it holds within it a pearl of potential for a fundamental realignment of one's life & priorities.
    Self-mastery, freedom, integrity & dignity for those of us who live by an Inner Authority- this is what Human Design stands for.
    All are welcomed as free persons in our events, and are not treated as a presumption of 'Type'. Our intent is to empower with compassionate objectivity ~ not to subtly impose a set of restricting assumptions. Everyone learns and discovers at their own pace, in their own way. Our commitment is to find an entry point into deep truth-realization for each person, from their own unique perspective. This alchemical container, held between two powerful eclipses, is for free people to explore what this knowledge can bring to their lives in a grounded, natural & experiential way.

    *To use Human Design information as a way to enforce one's assumptions, expectations or beliefs onto another is, in our view, a confused and arrogant misunderstanding at the deepest level.


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    What Human Design Is

    - Freedom -

    The Awakening of

    The Witness

    Full body expression of your I AM presence. An

    experiment in making decisions by your own inner authority - radical curiosity as a way of Being.


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    What Human Design Is Not

    A Restrictive, Judgmental


    It is not a dogma, nor a belief system. It is not about how much you 'know', study, or read. Knowing one's Design chart information is merely the precursor to conscious action.


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    Why Does It Matter?




    If you can't trust yourself, what can you trust? If you don't have mastery over yourself, who

    - or what - does? The coming tsunami of change will only be surfed by Masters.



    It is important for us to state that every person in the employ of these retreats are local...
    In 2022, to the casual observer, there would appear to exist in the world several different...
    Human Design is music. Our physical vehicles are vibrational instruments, designed to emanate...
  • Ayni 


    is the touchstone of the Q'ero worldview, who hold it as the Code of Life;

    an innate imprint, discoverable in nature and ever-present in the universe,

    where it forms the content of every thing - the matrix of all being.


    Ayni is best thought of as 'reciprocity', but it also implies respect,

    reverence and responsibility. On Earth, it is embedded in nature's design.

    In the Human sphere, it acts as a Golden Compass that always points true.


    Neither a religion nor a philosophy, Ayni is the guiding principle

    for a way of life embodying ethical behavior and spiritual practice

    that promotes reverence for the Earth and the heavens, family and culture.


    It fosters social harmony and engenders a common sensibility for all life -

    the sustainability principle.


    Traditional Andean people, in particular the last remote tribal groups

    like the Q'ero, have tuned their collective soul to Ayni;

    reciprocity and love, rather than hatred and greed, remains the Soul of the Andes.

  • Yach'ay 


    means to learn and know. It means the knowledge of things, and the deep,

    abiding wisdom found in ancient memories.


    True knowledge, the Q'ero believe, comes from direct personal experience

    guided by insight and intuition.


    This implies a careful unlearning of behaviors and thought patterns

    that don't serve our well-being and happiness.


    To practice Yach'ay, you need to let go of opinions, judgments, and


    the idea


    accumulation of information




    -Dr. J.E. Williams

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